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Blu-Ray/3D Blu-Ray/DVD Authoring

Multiple vendors?
Not when you work with C21 Digital !

Encoding. Menu Design. Authoring. Replication. Fulfillment. Done.

C21 Digital have produced over 1000 Blu-ray & DVD titles for their clients, including feature films, TV shows, music videos, live concerts, fitness instruction, documentaries,corporate marketing pieces, product promos, video catalogs and many others. For over 10 years , we have managed every stage of authoring projects completely in house. 3D Encoding, Menu Design,3D Subtitles, 3D Authoring, Replication. And unlike most other vendors, C21Digital can even create 3D subtitles and dubbing for multiple foreign language tracks from your script and provide your viewers with a truly dynamic experience.To make your project really stand out, you need to grab the viewer right away and an engaging menu page does just that. C21 Digital's graphic designers have the resources and the talent to create custom menu designs that fit specifically to your project. Our multi-suite authoring facilities combine the best in equipment and talent.

C21 Digital Specialists have over 70 years of combined experience and work with the most innovative hardware and software solutions available. Up to 99 -pass VBR Encoding PDF and Document Integration Multiple Submenus Interactive Menu Design Foreign Language Track Integration Foreign Language Track Creation All Region Coding Subtitle & Closed Caption Integration Subtitle & Closed Caption Creation 5.1 Dolby Surround Mixing (THX Certified) Static and Motion Video Thumbnails , Dolby Tru HD Audio, DTS HD Audio and so on



Motion Menus & Audio Loops

Foreign Language Track Integration

Up to 99-pass VBR Encoding

Subtitle & Closed Caption Creation

Website Integration

Dolby True HD audio creation

Multiple Submenus

Subtitle & Closed Caption Integration

Interactive Menu Design and Creation

Static and Motion Video Thumbnails

3D Blu-Ray Authoring

DTS HD Master Audio

Custom Chapter Stops

5.1 Dolby Surround Conformation

Foreign Language Track Creation

PDF and Document Integration

3D Subtitle Creation

All Region Coding

Digital Cinema Mastering

We are making this available to indie & DIY filmmakers, low-budget distributors and others that want to showcase their projects using the same state-of-the-art digital cinema systems big budget Hollywood releases get. We will hand-hold you through the steps required to prep your film (or can do it for you), create and test your DCP and troubleshoot playback issues (unfortunately, DCP files never all play on all systems).
Our DCP creation services include:

    • Conforming your film to 24.000 (or 48.000 for 3D material) frames per second
    • Insuring sound sync on conversion to 24.000 frames per second
    • HD, 2k, 4k processing including aspect ratio matching
    • 2D and 3D DCP’s at 24 & 48 fps
    • Color-space conversion to DCI/DCP colorspace
    • Rendering converted image and sound to MXF wrapped DCI files
    • XML file creation for both SMTPE and Interop compliance
    • Formatting media drives for DCI server ingesting and playback
    • Services Also available if source is KDM protected DCP
    • DCP_Digital_Cinema

    Encoding & Transcoding

    Content conversion and digital compression technologies allow us to transform media into a digital format based on yourneeds.Ffor web- distribution we will encode into any format - Real Player, Windows Media, QuickTime, Java Media, and so on - as well as any bit rate: 56k to 80mbps by using superior high end encoders, along with the knowledge of ourDigital Media Team. C21 Digital will consistently deliver the highest quality encodes for your Blu-ray or DVD.V.O.D. encoding and distribution- complete Video On Demand Services are available from the ingestion of mezzanine files through transcoding to meet your vendor’s specifications, including metadata entry and file delivery.

    C21 Digital's audio encoding formats include:

      • DTS HD and HD Master
      • Dolby Certified Software
      • Dolby Digital (AC3)
      • Dolby Digital Plus (EC3)
      • Dolby E: Natively Handle & Transcode
      • MPEG Audio: MPEG Layer 1, 2 and 3
      • Advanced Audio Coding: AAC-LC, AAC-HE, Dolby Pulse metadata

      Encoding and Transcoding formats available with us

      •  MPEG-2 (incl. MPEG-1)
        for delivery to CableLabs®, DVB, mezzanine files, transport, program and elementary streams
      • Blu-ray Disc MPEG-2
      • XDCAM HD
      • XDCAM EX
      • XDCAM IMX
      • DVD
      • Video CD
      • Super Video CD
      • HDV
      • H.264/AVC
        for delivery to DVB, Internet VOD, mobile devices, mezzanine files, transport, program and elementary streams
      • Blu-ray Disc H.264/AVC
      • AVCHD
      • Adobe Flash F4V
      • Sony PSP
      • Apple iPod
      • Apple iPad
      • HTML5
      • 3GP for Mobile Devices
      • MPEG-4 Part 2
      • Sony PSP
      • Apple iPod
      • 3GP H.263
      • 3GP MPEG-4 Part 2

      VC-1 Pro
      for delivery to Microsoft’s® IIS Smooth Streaming/Silverlight, WMV proxy creation

      • Blu-ray Disc VC-1
      • VC-1 Simple
      • VC-1 Main
      • VC-1 High
      • DVCPRO HD
      • DV
      • DVCPRO 25
      • DVCPRO 50
      • DVCPRO HD (100)
      • Panasonic P2 DVCPRO
      • Sony DVCAM


      • DCI 2k
      • DCI 4k
      • J2k Lossy
      • J2k Lossless

      Apple QuickTime®: ProRes mezzanine files, uncompressed digital intermediates, DVCPRO HD


      HD & SD Tape Dubbing

       Duplication services are handled by a seasoned crew of coordinators, tape operators, labelers and QC personnel dedicated to providing quality dubs with a quick turnaround time. Each individual in the dub room team undergoes extensive training to ensure quality output. Resources have been combined together with Lightning Media in our new facility for greater capacity and efficiency to meet your deliverable needs. We handle multiple HD standards along with NTSC and PAL. 

        • Formats from and To include
        •  DPX 2k Log files
        •  HDCAM SR
        • HDCAM
        • D-5
        • DVCPRO-HD
        • HDV
        • DVCPRO- 50
        • DVCPRO
        • Digital Betacam NTSC/PAL
        • DVCAM
        • Betacam SP

        HD & SD Cross Conversion

        HD and SD upconversion, crossconversion and downconversion services are overseen by a staff that knows what they are doing. Our equipment handles almost every type of HD and SD conversion. To extend our services in this area, our stand-alone, high-quality converter enables us to create perfectly re-scaled HD and SD images. We provide solutions like these to keep our customer's video in the digital domain 100% of the time, avoiding a conversion to analog video unless the specifications of the deliverable demand it.. We are able to perform HD to SD Down Conversions from SONY HDCAM / HDCAM SR and the Panasonic HD D5 formats to any of our Broadcast VTR’s.     HD and SD Frame Rate Conversions are also available using our newly installed Alchemist Ph.C HD Standards Converter.

        Aspect Ration Conversion

        A fully featured Snell & Wilcox ARC-150 in a dedicated suite offering either Fixed Aperture or frame accurate time code controlled Pan  & Scan conversions.


        HD and SD Subtitle / Closed Captioning

         Any Language Indian or Foreign

        An estimated 50% of television viewers in the United Stated use closed captions. C21 Digital now offers high definition broadcast closed captioning services. Our ability to master your program to any of our high definition or standard definition formats with closed captions is truly unique. Mastering with captions in-house atC21 Digital's eliminates unnecessary steps such as the creation of additional clones. Our workflow will minimize both the time and cost of the process. It will also give you the opportunity to view your captions in the comfort of our edit suite before they go to broadcast. If you want to streamline your own in-house mastering process, we can generate a closed caption file for use in your layoff to tape from Final Cut Pro. . If you have Final Cut Pro and an AJA Kona card, we can make you a file that will enable you to master in house with closed captions. All we need from you is a reference movie of your entire timeline (including all color bars and black) and a transcript. We will send you a .mov file based on these elements. You can preview the subtitles in the QuickTime player (“Show Closed Captioning” in the View menu must be selected). In Final Cut Pro when you Edit to Tape or Print to Video, go to the Mastering Settings panel. Here you can check the box “Insert closed captioning data from file” and navigate to the file on your hard drive. You can then assemble or insert as you normally do. If your project is HD, the VANC box in the Formats panel of your Kona Control Panel must be checked..