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Because not only

We Listen to YOU,We hear what you SAY

We deliver what you WANT,

We have "no-nonsense" approach to our work

We DO the job the best way possible,Our team takes pride in what they DO

Skilled, Experienced and Ready.Always!


1. We know what we’re doing
Film and Videofoirmat conversions, encoding, recording, transcoding  is a craft and our already extensive know-how is expanding year by year. No team member has fewer than five years experience and most have many more.

2. Our feet are on the ground
Having worked for most of the Indian and International clients we know the business inside out. We understand time and budget constraints. We help you define your objectives, respect our commitments and talk to you directly so there are no unpleasant surprises.

3. Did you say urgent?
These days, what isn’t? We don’t like to let projects hang about. You need speed and efficiency without endless discussion. You’ll get it here.

4. We’re here for you
We know that the services we supply are part of a chain that mustn’t be broken. We respond whenever you need us — adapting our planning for rush jobs. And we always keep our promises.

5. We don’t subcontract
When you buy US, you get US . Your project is handled by our team of experts who actually do the work. We are not middle men and never will be. You will be told if the work is outsourced.

6. You get answers not questions
It’s not about smoke and mirrors or technical blah blah. Don’t expect interminable PowerPoint presentations or theoretical discussion. We get to the point ASAP. It’s the best way to show you our commitment and skills and so win your confidence.

7. We listen to you
At C21 Digital  we are down-to-earth people which is why, when clients brief us, we listen and then respond in a concrete way. With us, you get action not endless discussion.

8. Small is beautiful
Lots of companies who think that working with big laboratories like Reliance Media works, Parshad, Prime Focus , Pixion means a better service are sadly disappointed. Our clients are not just a number and we don’t treat them differently according to the revenue they generate. For us every project is a new challenge and we come to each briefing fresh, with new ideas, new avenues.

9. We dare to be different
The key to success is not to compete with your competitors in rates but to differentiate yourself and provide quality which is second to none. Our services will allow you to be different whilst using your time in marketing to  your target group.

10. Last but not least
We love what we do and enjoy doing it.